You should never call a girl a 'cunt.' amirite?

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I thought men and women were equal. If we can't call them something just because they are a girl, then we aren't equal. Now go cook me some dinner, cunt.

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But what if they

Reminds me of

Never call a woman a bitch. The only "B" word you should ever call a woman is beautiful. Bitches love being called beautiful.

Just tell her you'll see her next Tuesday instead.


I kinda call everybody a cunt. Girls more so than guys. Mainly because girls are more cuntish than guys.

Unless she is a cunt. Same for males

Well you should never insult anyone in any way...

But, it's my favorite word :(

Unless you're in Ireland. But it's used way too often ovee here.

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Except Umbridge. She deserves it.

It was ever ok?


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Some girls deserve it though.

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just diid

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What the hell kind of nicknames are those?

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how... endearing?

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