It would be sick if Google Earth teamed up with Call Of Duty, and you could import your neighborhood onto the game, so you could be playing COD in your backyard. amirite?

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Just go paintballing in your backyard

umm maybe my computer is stuffed, but why isnt this already home paged? i mean with the 700+ votes and all...

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You'd have to be near an aquarium or a pool for the water part...... lol

Actually, I'd rather be able to do it with World in Conflict, but still, it'd be awesome.

That's actually an awesome idea

Mind blown. That's awesome.

@Go back to MLIA.

that comment hurt more than it should. You're mean.

@penguinpuffs that comment hurt more than it should. You're mean.

You're the one who used one of the most common phrases of MLIA.

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It would be awesome. Cept I don't have much stuff in my backyard so not many safe spots.

Or Tony Hawk games.

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Or play battlefield in your whole neightborhood!

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