You would appreciate a cheaper, more thoughtful gift more than jewelry, amirite?

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Sometimes jewelry is the cheaper more thoughtful gift. It depends where it's bought from.

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i once got someone batteries as a joke

yeah I don't normally wear jewelry. The only accessory I wear on a day to day basis is my watch :) and it was a secret santa gift from last winter :D

something that I'll actually use would be nice :)

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If someone bought me jewelry, then they probably spent time looking at different things and choosing something that they thought I would particularly like - which makes it just as thoughtful as any other gift.

(In my opinion) The coolest gift would be some mix-tapes and an old cassette player... :D

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I feel like this should be addresse to girls, do in not going to vote. The guy equivalent would be money, and I actually prefer money because the I can choose exactly what I want.

I'd appreciate any kind of gift, jewellery or otherwise, that some thought was put into.
Jewellery doesn't have to be expensive. Two of my favourite gifts were from my ex. The one was a "you&me" ring worth about as much as a chocolate bar, and the other was one of those black plastic bracelets worth R1.

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