Video game systems for toddlers are STUPID! I don't care if the games help them "develop", these systems are taking away the few precious years that today's generation has before being sucked up into tech reliance. What ever happened to developing by exploring and through imagination? Do 3 year olds really need to be staring at a screen to learn stuff? amirite?

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I don't know...I started watching my brother play video games when I was two, and I started playing when I was four. I still have the imagination of a child. (I get upset because no one my age wants to play pretend. It's "not cool.")

Yoshi's Island helped me learn how to read. (My brother would read what was on the screen.)

And video games got me into reading and writing. I felt like books were the same as the games, only in my head. And I started writing because I wanted to make stories up like the video games.

I guess every child's experience with games are different.

@TaergaLive *is different.

nope it's are different. multiple games

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@nope it's are different. multiple games

Yeah, but the verb is linked with the noun "child's", not games.

I could be wrong though.

I started playing video games when I was 5. I grew to love video games and grew interest in how they worked. I started buying games that could allow me to make custom maps and characters, eventually creating models, textures, and even easy coding.

I am now 18, going to College for Computer Analyst, and planning to eventually become a Game Developer. To get there, I had to learn Advanced Functions, Writing, and a great deal of computers to get the opportunity.

Video Games nowadays can earn BILLIONS of dollars in revenue and there is a high demand for more. It’s an ever-increasing Gold Mine. Remember Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2? And Halo 3?

‘Nuff said.

so true. it's just a shame :/

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No. I have a 4 year old. She loves the learning games she has. She still has plenty of fun, and learns at the same time. While my neighbor has a 4 year old also, but they don't let him play with those types of things. The difference between them is huge. And I'd much rather have a child with my daughters inteligience than his.

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