The old Kids Choice Awards were better, in the 2000 - 2005 time span, because there was more slime, better songs, and better nominees, amirite?

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Now its just filled with a bunch of Twilight and Jonas Brothers crap. :/

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Probably the only part of the Kids Choice Awards that I've ever liked was Katy Perry getting slimed last year.

I don't understand why there are rated R movies nominated for awards...It's not like anyone under 17 watches The Kca's

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And they actually used to have it in January. Slowly over the years it gotten deeper into the year. Has anyone else noticed that it's practically in July now?

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The person of voted down obviously isn't a 90's baby (:

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Well, I am a 90's baby, but I just think that maybe we only thought it was good because we were young. I know that a crushing thought, but if you look at kids today they like it. In 5 years they'll look back and wish it was like the 2005-2010 times. Being younger alters perception.

I stopped watching after Jack Black wore that green spandex bodysuit..cringes

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I never liked the slime and stuff anyway.

Cause you were a kid. Also, grow the fuck up. What're you 10 still?

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