You always see those cool containers for chinese take-out on tv, but when you order chinese take-out it comes in crappy tin plates . amirite?

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I don't know what containers you're talking about, unless you mean the little white boxes with red designs and a metal handle. Because I get a mix of those and the tin plates, at most places.

My takeout comes in crappy take-out trays, like the kind you can take your leftovers home in at restaurants. Anyway, I LOVE YOUR PROFILE PICTURE. GROVER <3

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my food comes in little white boxes most of the time, but sometimes tin trays.

Yeah, like some have said, rice and noodles usually come in the white boxes with the design and the metal handles. The entres then come in plastic containers from where I get it

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Everything comes in the little boxes at the place I go to. But I think it depends on the restaurant.

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When I get chinese it comes in those containers, but I really don't care what my food comes in.

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