We've all had that one teacher that is/was our hero and we will never forget them, amirite?

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we all have one teacher who was a pedophile as well...or was that just me?

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@baconFEST we all have one teacher who was a pedophile as well...or was that just me?

Agreed; there was a creep that went with us in 8th grade on our field trip to DC. Scarrrry.

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Also my English teacher for four years, Mr. Anderson. Accidentally called him 'Dad' once. Made grammar funny and never failed to have time for story time.

NitaCallahans avatar NitaCallahan Yeah You Are +1Reply

Mrs. Brandeberry, the teacher who never got you in trouble, never yelled, liked the Rocky Horror Show, and passed out candy whenever you answered a question right.

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I have lots of those teachers, and they were all guys.
Band- Mr. Clark- Most likely the only reason I'm confident in what I do.
Band- Mr. McGinley- Just a crazy load of ADD fun, with his weather-controling 'people'.
Chemistry- Mr. J- Told the nerdiest/cheesiest jokes proudly.
AP World History and Psycology- Mr. Moore- Had a strange Publix story for EVERYTHING.
AP U.S. History- Mr. Diaz- If ever a list existed of things teachers shouldn't say/do, hes done them all.

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Mr. Hamilton, my crazy science teacher.

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@Rebel Mr. Hamilton, my crazy science teacher.

Mr. Burdette, also my science teacher. He was kind of like a close uncle

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@Rebel Mr. Hamilton, my crazy science teacher.

Mr.Andrew <3 always knew what to say.
Mrs.Easter <3 treated me like her own
Mrs.Saydlowski <3 wtf was she on!?


ms.kovach my biology teacher(:

My orchestra teacher(: Like a big sister and made me want a career in music(:

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Mr. Collins- 8th grade history. He made it so much fun!

Retoosers avatar Retooser Yeah You Are 0Reply

Mr eaton. 4th grade. Wilson. Freshman world history. And mr lindeman. The only reason I graduated :)

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Mr. Nihiser he was the only teacher to ever say he was proud of me.(:

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My second year English teacher, Mr Mc Nichol. He was class, as soon as he walked in to the room he'd start telling a really seemingly random story. Once we asked him if they just popped into his head but he said he planned them out to make the lessons more effective. And it worked. We joked
about what would happen if someone was watching the lessons and what they'd think of the things we talked about.

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My AP euro teacher.
Always brutally honest, never favored, and managed to make history interesting.

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Mr. Vari 8th-9th Grade Ethics, and Student Life. Coolest teacher ever, he "Got" The kids. He understood us. He's awesome.

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Mr Wagner, my crazy History teacher. Played "Porky" in class. Kinda like Dodgeball, but with a bunch of crumpled paper. Its amazing anyone passed the final exam, we never really learned anything.

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