Its not slutty to want to mess around with one of your guy friends just to see what its like... amirite?

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As long as you both understand that it's just that then it's perfectly okay to experiment around with a friend. Nothing wrong with that.

Runys avatar Runy Yeah You Are +20Reply

If it was multiple guy friends, then it would be a little slutty, but just one? No, not at all. It's an experiment.

Statefarms avatar Statefarm Yeah You Are +12Reply

i completely agree. there's alot of prude people on this site. as long as you don't mess with his feelings yer in the clear babe

th3dons avatar th3don Yeah You Are +9Reply

As the people above said, as long as both parties understand there's no more to it, you should be alright

And as long as you don't mess around with nearly every guy you know...

O____os avatar O____o Yeah You Are +9Reply

Slut = someone who sleeps around. Experimenting with one person doesn't make you a slut at all.

silvershadow6s avatar silvershadow6 Yeah You Are +3Reply
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