You hate it when you're trying to catch a kid while you're in your car and then they run into a muddy field. I mean, come on! Do you REALLY want my van to get dirty? Amirite?

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Hahahaha!! Happens to me all the time, isn't it frustrating? lol

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This makes me happy in a sick, sick way...

Happend to me lastnight, God it pissed me off. Don't worry though, I punished the kid.

I have similar problems, except I am the kid. And instead of running into the mud, I chop your legs off. :D


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Hahahahaha :D

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ahahaha, i got the sarcasm there.

I agree, but I don't usually chase kids, for me it's always citizens who refuse to bow down to my Supreme Authority, or minions who decide they've had enough of working for me.

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Pedo bear you are a sick asshole

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@Pedo bear you are a sick asshole

Internet is pretty serious, huh?

@Clay_ Internet is pretty serious, huh?

It so totally is. I mean, it's not like Pedobear is some joke made up on a chan site.

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Hahahahaha I just CANNOT stop laughing!
Not really. These posts are stupid and unoriginal.

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