If people got stoned as often in the medieval days as they do now, we wouldn't have as a bad a population problem, amirite?

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It took me after 5 minutes after I read this to realize you weren't talking about getting stoned...

i misread this can i take back my vote

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oh I thought you meant like stoned as in high . . .

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Oh, people still get stoned often, if ya know what I mean.

fuck you stoning is the shit best form of execution

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They get stoned. People get stoned.

awe yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I don't think stoning means what you think it means. :I

The death rate was much higher than the birth rate back then...

The fucked up thing is that people are still getting stoned to death in some islamic countries...

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Hey, umm, all? (I would put this as a follow-up if I had more than 500, but this'll do):
To clarify, I meant if people got ROCKS THROWN AT THEM, the execution, as often in the medieval days as people GET HIGH now, then there wouldn't be as many people on earth, because their bloodline would've died out.

Sorry if I come off annoying or bitchy, or should've made my post easier to understand (didn't want to overword...), or umm, yeah....

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