Lincoln studied by the light of a fireplace. Mozart composed by candle light. Galileo invented by oil lamp. How come these seemingly intelligent people never thought to do their work during the daytime? amirite?

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You're right. But the phrase "burning the midnight oil" means working through the day and into the night. So maybe they did work in daylight, but then all the way into darkness as well.

they worked all day and night, stupid ass post.

Galileo was an astronomer, so he probably did a lot of work at night.

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I dont think the post was supposed to be taken this seriously

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there work could carry over into the night.. or maybe they procrastinated..

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What about a window?

They worked both day and night.

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@#428123: I think you and #428083 are the smartest to comment so far.

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What, so you get up at dawn and go to bed when the sun sets?

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They worked during the day and ended up working in the night.
When Lincoln had to home school himself, he mostly worked during the day, so he had to use candle light.

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