You know that little guy on the mens' washroom door and the girl with the skirt on the womens' washroom door.have you ever wondered what do they use in Scotland? You know with the kilts and all. amirite?

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Kilts are usually only worn at formal events in Scotland such as weddings (and not necessarily by the groom). I lived there for about 6 months last year, and you'll rarely if ever see a random guy walking down the street wearing a kilt casually. It's something of a fashion faux pas. And forget the actors wearing kilts in Braveheart; that movie, good as it is, has been dubbed one of the most historically inaccurate films of all time.

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Pretty sure people don't actually wear kilts that much in Scotland... My mum's been there, and I've read like 4 books set there...

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Lmao ya =]

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they just switch the blue and pink

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Lmao ya =]

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