Americans call it the bathroom, and Canadians call it the washroom, but half the time there is no tub. Shouldn't it be called the toiletroom? amirite?

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Everyone should just follow us Brits and call it the "loo" :D

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Rest room

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My brother calls it the "Urination Station".

I'm Canadian, and I don't really use either in specific situations, I just use them at random, but most of the time, I use bathroom.

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I'm Canadian and I say both.

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In Australia they just call it the toilet. Way to be specific Aussies :]

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I'm canadian and i say bathroom...so you should get your facts straight first.

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In restaurants , they call them restrooms ..

I am Canadian, and if there is a tub/shower I say bathroom, and if there isn't I say washroom :)

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I say washroom when it only has a toilet and sink. I say a bathroom when it includes a tub/shower. I assume other people do to...?

the french have two separate names for it, i'm pretty sure. one is the restroom and one is la toilette.

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British people call it the toilet. Voila, problem solved ;)

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yeah, but "toilet-room" just doesn't have the same ring to it

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im canadian and always call it the loo :) people think im crazy ahaha

in the U.S. navy they call it the head

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Yeah in australia we see we're going to the toilet or I need to go to the toilet. I remember I think an american or maybe english teacher when I was little saying how weird that was. But I think I say bathroom bec it sounds far more polite

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I'm from New Zealand and I have a Canadian teacher for maths, I could never understand what she was talking about when she said the 'washroom' but now I know hahah.

Yeah, I went to Canada last week n I surprised they called ' washroom'. Canadian people are more social n helpful than USA. I love them.

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I say restroom in public. Bathroom at home.

Or in the rest of the fucking world they call them water closets.

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