if you were offered a billion dollars to kill everyone you love by hand, you would turn it down. amirite?

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...It's frightening that 6 people No Wayed this

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Apparently the NWers love no one.

Even if I wouldn't get arrested, I couldn't bring myself to murder anyone. [well, there are some people I really, really hate. But even then...]
It's just not worth it. And it's sick.

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I wouldn't even accept it if it was for people I disliked AND there were no consequences.
13 NW'ers? Shit.

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Of course not...you would be arrested for mass murder, everyone would hate you, you would be lonely and devastated that everyone you love is dead especially cause you killed them, and you would spend your entire life in prison where you wouldn't be able to use the billion dollars

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I'm worried about the "No Way'ers".. that's scary. How could you do that?!

makeup_nerds avatar makeup_nerd Yeah You Are +2Reply

a life is worth more than money, no matter how much.

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if you accept it, then you don't really love anyone

You can use the money to bail yourself out?(:

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@You can use the money to bail yourself out?(:

(Anthony says yes(:): No. Bail means you're just out until conviction, and sometimes, they don't even have the option for bail.
And if you're convicted for mass-murder, you'd probably get the death penalty.

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