That lonely lady who owned twenty cats made a bad name for the rest of the world's cat lovers. Now if you have more than two cats, whether you're perfectly normal or not, you're the "crazy cat lady," amirite?

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I have ten but 6 of them are strays that come up and steal food. That still makes me the crazy cat lady to my friends though.

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I plan on living with 50 cats, each named after a different state. :D
Actually I'm allergic to cats so I don't know what I'm thinking...

I have three...

I have three, and my friends say I'm gonna grow up to be a crazy cat lady. But we had one and then while I was supposed to be shopping for homecoming shoes, we found some that were playing together and they were actually buy one get one free (who does that with cats, though?) so, you know, why not.

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I used to have an English teacher who had 5 cats. He was a guy.... but he was gay so the title "crazy cat lady" still works.

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