It's dumb how certain words are considered worse than others when they mean the exact same thing, Amirite?

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"You female dog!"
Yeah, not quite the same effect

hey, yea you, POOP HEAD!

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but each synonym has its own connotation, and if you understand each connotation, you can be significantly more precise in your choice of words.

no matter which word you chose you are cursing. that's why i always use the more severe word. has a stronger connotation.

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hot diggly dog, that annoying person over there just made me feel like I was mad inside. I know what I'll call them. A big meanie poo head, because that really shows how I feel about them!

@Tempest_Trance ...Hot diggly dog? That's a new one.

my friend's parents say it all the time. Everytime they're mad or overly excited about something. It's an amusing word.

@Tempest_Trance You might mean 'diggity.' Or maybe your friend's parents are just...unique ;D

nope they say diggly and yea they are unique lol. I love them cause its funny to watch my friend get embarassed by them. I know the proper saying should be diggity but after hearing them say it wrong so often I like their way better now.

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