Why is it such a big deal if a guy hits a girl? amirite?

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I have to agree.
If men and women are so equal, then why make a big deal?

When I can punch a girl with the exact smae consequences as hitting another guy, that's when sexism is over.

@Your_Average_Zebra THANK YOU

I agree! I hate it sooo much when guys are like 'I can't hit you, you're a girl.' In my mind it makes absolutely no difference whether you're a girl or a boy. Damn guys won't hit me...

why? because of the consequences. the girl will hit him right back. and we know where to hit so that it hurts.

Why is it such a big deal when someone hits anyone?

Oh, wait....

In my opinion- if a girl hits you first, you have every right to hit her back.

I actually really want to know.

Or, hitting could just be frowned upon?

I think it looks trashy and immature so, I wouldn't mind.

Don't hurt the weaklings. If you hit them who'll they seek for guidance and support?

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I know right? How else are ya gonna keep the disobedient bitches in line? Sheesh.

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