It's embarassing when you accidentally say "You too!" when it doesn't even make sense. amirite?

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I say that almost everytime I get on a plane.
"Enjoy your flight,sir."
"You too!"
Then I walk away quickly with my head down because I realize how stupid I sounded.

Pizza delivery guy:
"Enjoy your pizza!"
"Thanks, man, you too!"

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"You too!"
I realized what I said like 10 minutes later, lmao

You too!

@PoliceDepartment You too!

aw shit i feel stupid now

Random Jogger:Have a great day at school!
Me at bus stop: You too! ... OH WAIT, shit they're gone.

Best Friend's mom: Have fun at the dance!
Me: You...-asoefjawe

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At the gym:
"Enjoy your workout!"
"You too!"

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