If your toe had a titty on it, and your husband was a foot fetisher, and a booby fetisher; he would get double the pleasure. you wouldn't want him to look down your shirt, but since you have a titty on your toe he could peak down your sock, and you would be like, "HENRY! ARE YOU LOOKING DOWN MY SOCK AGAIN?!?!", amirite?

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......................at least it's an original post...........

Why would this thought even come to your mind?

what the actual fuck

NW. My husband's name isn't Henry.

how did this get on the homepage...

@WhySoRegulus how did this get on the homepage...

It's fun seeing stupid posts on the homepage?

Sergs avatar Serg Yeah You Are +12Reply

Also i dont think there is a booby fetish, i think thats just called being a heterosexual man

Odd thought.

Mikes avatar Mike No Way +16Reply

very odd thought

You have a weird mind.

What sort of medical anomaly would have to occur in order for someone to have a small breast on their toe? Would it even be functional?

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I looked it up, and yes, it can happen, and yes, sometimes they are functional.
If someone'd told me a week ago that I was going to spend my morning researching tiny breasts growing out of people's feet, I would've told that person to check into rehab before they hurt someone.

I...I don't even know...what? why?

_pi_s avatar _pi_ No Way +10Reply

It would be a very strange, unattractive deformity...

Wouldn't it be way more awkward to look down somebody's sock?

we ladies and gentleman... have a genius among us.

POTD material right here. If not, I'll use a time macne to make it that way.

Are you from the futer?

if you had a nipple on your foot, i dont think you would have a husband....


Vitaes avatar Vitae No Way +4Reply

It would look more like a weird tumor than a boob...

what is this i don't even..

Whatever you're smoking, I want it.



how can you look down a sock?


I... don't understand...


Albert_Einsteins avatar Albert_Einstein Yeah You Are -1Reply

Sounds scrumptious.

DeezNutss avatar DeezNuts Yeah You Are -1Reply
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