For a college, you want it to be close enough so you can visit family on major holidays, but far enough so they don't visit every weekend, amirite?

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I go to a school 2 hours away from where my parents live, and it's actually pretty nice. One of the good things about Florida is the fact that we have 11 public universities, so you can be as far or as close to home as you'd like and still be in state.

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I hate my my mother and oldest sister. The father and other sister are good but I don't want them visiting me more like emails or phone calls.

Mine's at most a seven hour drive, but if I wanted I could take a pretty cheap hour flight home.

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I definitely want to get at least 5 hour car ride away. I just don't want to be near my parents when I go to college. I'd prefer to have my own space for the most part.

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