There's a beach towel Snuggie out now. Because embarrassing yourself at home just wasn't enough, you can now be publicly embarrassed at the beach--where everyone else will be wearing swimsuits or shorts and you'll be sitting there wearing a towel robe. amirite?

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And your ass will still get sandy because, SURPRISE, it's just a backwards robe.

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the snuggie is cool. :/

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@the snuggie is cool. :/

It's mega cool, but I wouldn't go to the beach wearing one.

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@stoneonthewater It's mega cool, but I wouldn't go to the beach wearing one.

true, neither would i. snuggies are for cold days. but still, you made it sound like wearing a snuggie even at home was embarrassing yourself.

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It is. Buy a blanket. Snuggies are for hobos ( no offence hobos)

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im in my snuggie right now /: i love snuggies...

wait. how does that work?

Wait,wouldnt it be hot at the beach?And if its cold,dont go into the water than

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