Toaster Strudel > Pop Tarts, amirite?

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tarts are hard and so dont have enough frosting

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@banana tarts are hard and so dont have enough frosting

You get like a tiny packet of frosting with the toaster strudel, and the pop tart frosting actually covers the pop tart.

@banana make yr own frosting or get some out of those little containers they sell

and when you have to leave quickly, you can't go searching through the kitchen looking for the extra icing when you could just eat a pop tart and be done with it.
Pop Tarts > Toaster Strudel.

Toaster strudel commercials always mention pop tarts, making me want pop tarts.

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it depends on the flavor

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@it depends on the flavor

yeah! like i lose it for the maple brown sugar pop tart but i will not eat any other flavor! (by the way, Lolo is my nickname)

you are disgusting. i am a firm believer in the POP TART!

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You can't take toaster strudel out of the box and leave. You have to put it in the Toaster/Microwave.
Can with pop tarts, AND they taste good both ways.

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