All those poachers and idiots who give us hunters a bad name are extremely annoying, amirite?

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No, killing animals for fun gives you a bad name

I love meat and I understand the need to cull animals when their population size gets too large, but hunting and killing animals for sport just seems unnecessary. It's just as bad as poaching.

I agree with Kaylee^.
Hunting to decrease the population and hunting for food are both okay, as long as the animals are killed quickly and don't suffer.
Hunting for fun or for sport is just as bad as poaching. I don't understand why some people feel accomplished by having an animal's head as a ''trophy'' on their wall. Imagine killing a human because you wanted their head on the wall. Preposterous.

It's like a Nazi saying "LOL, HITLER MAKES US LOOK BAD"

No, killing animals for fun gives you a bad name


This also applies to guns in general. According to them, everyone who owns a gun is a terrible person.

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