No I don't say tight or dope. I don't say sick or wicked. I still just say cool, amirite?

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As a New Englander, I just have to say that "Wicked" doesn't belong on that list because it usually means "really" or "very". In fact, a lot of people I know say "That's wIcked cool!".

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or you could say Coral

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It really just doesn't feel right saying anything else, I feel like i'm faking if I do. Just not me hah

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This post is dope, bro.

I say epic, but maybe thats just me.

I say sweet or mellow. Epic is the most lame word ever.

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at my college orientation i heard this girl saying "i really hope my roommate is sick"
and the girl she was with was like "what? you hope she's sick?"

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