I bet if you got two of the ugliest people together they would create the most beautiful, angelic baby in the world, amirite?

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that or they would make the 3rd ugliest person

Negative times a negative equals a positive

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As for the sibling though . . .

You mean like Amber and Gary from Teen Mom?

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@xxsdc_dancerxx HAHAH <3 i love you.

ha, amber isn't that bad, gary...uh yeah. But Leah, their daughter, is so cute!

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Is that how you came to be?

@_____________ Is that how you came to be?

Yes, and I'm beautiful. Jealous? I would be too.

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this doesn't make any sense yet somehow it does. and for some reason it made me really happy... :)

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As long as they aren't fat too

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That would be a Cherub

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I don't think genetics work that way.

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Actually it would make the ugliest person on earth because it would be a combination of the worst 2, and to make an even uglier child we could put it and one of its parents together

Cleopatra came from a long line of incest in her family. She has been said to be a very beautiful and seductive woman

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How would their ugly-ass genetics mix to create a beautiful baby?

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