You wonder why they make 1lb. dumbbells, amirite?

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Lots of reasons. One being people like me, fractured neck and shoulders. I use them as part of my physical therapy. Also, someone looking to build lean muscle or build up strength. :)

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I actually asked my trainer this today, he says for some, 5lb is too high to start with and 1lb does still build muscle but a high majority of people already have the muscle that small a weight would build from normal every day activities. I actually started with 1/4lb weights and have worked up to 1lb. Next week, its 2 1/2lb. Movin on up! Haha.

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So you can lift them with gracious ease and impress the ladies.

I was thinking that they're more for elderly people who want to maintain muscle; or people who have a recent injury and can't lift more without risking further injury.

You won't gain muscle by using a 1lb dumbbell though, if you want lean muscle you would use like a 5 lb. And I'm really not trying to be mean by saying that, since you use them. And I get with your condition it's different for you.

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It's made specially for weak people. Like me

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I was born with spina bifida. A lot of weight would not be good for my spinal cord.

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Well, I use 2lb ones for my wrist to help with pitching...

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Sometimes people run or walk while holding them to engage their arms more and build up a bit of muscle.

I use them for training for shooting because it's about the same weight as my air pistol and it helps to steady your hand and build up endurance for longer matches

I still find that hard to believe, so I'll believe it when I see it.

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@Shaina I still find that hard to believe, so I'll believe it when I see it.

My grandmother takes care of an elderly blind woman. Along with walking on the treadmill at .5 mph, she also lifts one pound weights to stay in shape.

Now can you see that old people who can't see need 1lb dumbbells?

@Shaina I still find that hard to believe, so I'll believe it when I see it.

I was stuck in bed for months after a car accident and lost so much muscle and strength that I wasn't allowed to use weights period for like 6 months then finally was allowed to use 1/2lb weights for awhile then moved up to 1lb. Its been two & a half years and I'm still using 1lb and still building muscle. They might not do much for most people but there's def a good majority that benefit from them.

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