Before boarding a plane, you have a slight fear in the back of your mind that you will be seated near the crying baby, amirite?

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I adore babies, even when they're being complete monsters.

I fear that I have something in my pockets that's not allowed and I'll get taken away.

I'm afraid that the TSA person will follow me and want seconds 0_o

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No I have a fear that the plane will crash and I'll die

Apparently, when I was a young, I was the baby crying really loudly throughout the entire plane ride...

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Without fail, I am always seated next to the fat person/crying baby. And I only take 12 hour flights.

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but the worst is when you sit down and 5min later the rndm kid starts kicking your seat... then the person infront starts talking loudly and moves there seat back and you get squished... i didnt have a fun flight :|

or a teenager with awful BO

Private jets FTW.