Girls: It sucks when you are putting your hair up and the hair band is too short to wrap around 4 times but too long to wrap around 3 times, amirite?

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And then it breaks when you stretch it too far.

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technically guys too

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haha for me it's usually too long to wrap twice, too short to wrap 3 times... but same thing, and yeah, it's so annoying. If I only wrap it twice it falls out, but if I wrap it 3 times it either breaks or it feels like my scalp is being ripped off all day.

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The noise they make when they break scares the crap out of me.

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I usually just grab another one, but it's just not the same v_v

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mine only go around two times-my hair is so thick. it always snaps when i try to do three

@FANGIRL mine only go around two times-my hair is so thick. it always snaps when i try to do three

same here if its stretched out i can do three but i can only usually do 2 :(

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I just wrap it around four times anyway.

@You're stupid.

(American Witch): Um... what did I do? I was just being honest...

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i can only wrap mine around 2 times. Never works to hold it up.

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story of my life -_-

i normally do 3 times. but if its just a little too small it snaps :/

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I have to use two hair bands or my hair doesn't stay up :/

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