You've had that moment where you were in a group of people and you were like, "I'll be right back, hang on a few secs." And then you turned really red because since you decided to abbreviate "seconds", you said sex. Amirite?

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I once tried to type "Just a sec" but made a typo and said "just a sex"
but my friend totally understood xD

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I haven't because I'm over the age of 13...

I have witnessed that twice, and it's pretty funny.

What's even worse is when you put it on amirite and it goes negative

I would never say that. It's easier to say "I'll be right back" than "I'll be back in a few secs"...

12 year old alert.

@Kaitlyn 12 year old alert.

You just turn 13 or somethin'? Haha

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@You just turn 13 or somethin'? Haha

Oh yeah, I'm deeefinitely 13 lol.

Oh calm down guys. Nah, this happened to me once a long time ago when I was at my brother's friend's house. It wasn't a big deal or anything, but when you're like 8 years old, it feels like a big deal.

when i was like in the 6th grade, the teacher asked me the answer to a problem and i said "10 secs" and it was woefully awkward and quiet.

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