You loved the cartoon show Captain Planet, amirite?

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It was stupid. Especially earth! water! fire! wind! ... ... heart!?

Why would people vote "No Way" on this.Do they not know that Captain Planet is a hero? Do they not care about bringing pollution down to zero? Do they not know that he's our power magnified and he's fighting on the planet's side?

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How can so many people not like Captain Planet?! Does not compute.

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I liked it, but the plot was pretty stupid if you think about it. "Haha! I'm an evil villian who is dumping millions of gallons of sludge into the ocean for no particular reason! Muahahaha! Now that I've spent millions of dollars to hire hundreds of people and buy dozens of ships, I'm going to go and cut down some trees in the rainforest with gas powered chainsaws while wearing my endangered albino koala fur coat!"

I actually liked the Eco-Villains more then the Eco-Terr- I mean, Hippies >_> C'mon, badass green pimp suit? Crazy, hot and smart woman? Fat guy? What is not to love? Though Verminous Skumm will always be my favorite _^

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