I feel bad for children whose parents jog while pushing them in a stroller. The parent is enjoying a nice, leisurely run, while the child is hurtling across the sidewalk at full speed, being jostled all over while their stroller crashes over various bumps and rocks, amirite?

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That kinda seems fun..

@ShanLovesStuff That kinda seems fun..

I@456820 (ShanLovesStuff): It does! If the child doesn't like it I will happily take their place in the stroller! Wee! Like a bumpy roller coaster! LMAO!

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I have to agree with everyone, if I was ever in that position in my stroller-days I was definitely having a blast. But I get what you mean :)

I remember my mom did that to me and I thought it was like a roller coaster...so fun!

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Something about this post made me laugh out loud xD;

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haha that would be fun :D

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