You hate those artist who think they need to put their name in the lyrics of every single one of their songs, amirite?

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Jason Derulo...

CarmelFuzzys avatar CarmelFuzzy Yeah You Are +17Reply
@CarmelFuzzy Jason Derulo...

I was just going to say Jasssssonnnnnnn Derrrruuuulllooooooo lol

cheer4mias avatar cheer4mia Yeah You Are +17Reply
@cheer4mia I was just going to say Jasssssonnnnnnn Derrrruuuulllooooooo lol

Exactly what I was thinking when I posted this. :)

Anonymous +5Reply

It's because their songs all sound the same, so they need to help the listeners understand which song they're listening to.

remember_my_names avatar remember_my_name Yeah You Are +10Reply

sean paul started this trend man

Anonymous +4Reply
@sean paul started this trend man

I always thought Snoop Dogg was doing it way before him...

it makes them sound so conceited.

MaryKateBurnetts avatar MaryKateBurnett Yeah You Are +1Reply


Mtrenchies avatar Mtrenchie Yeah You Are 0Reply

lol it seems even more ridiculous when you think of yourself singing, and starting off by singing your own full name.

DJ Khaled, and he doesn't even contribute anything else to the song.

TheCatalysts avatar TheCatalyst Yeah You Are -1Reply
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