If whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, then the life of someone who lives there must become a void once they leave town. amirite?

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Except the herpes.
That stays with them.

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I think that's treatable...

Ptsch, don't be silly.. nobody LIVES in Vegas

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Actually, whatever happens in Vegas...ends up on Facebook q:

Or, it can turn into a movie about 4 guys and roofies.

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Yeah, but The Hangover is the most famous/popular one

Could I edit it to "the life of someone who lives there"? Please D:

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They have an answer to every unwanted question.
"Have you been to jail?"
"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

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Who says our lives aren't already void?

I live here, id tell you more about your theory, but that must stay in this city!
I apologize!

I have AIDS. O.o

That first comma really bothers me.

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This post came from a conversation we had!!

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@Rocky Oh no!!! D:

You have an imaginary GF

amiwriters avatar amiwriter Yeah You Are +9Reply
@Rocky :'(

it's ok rocky, my girlfriend is imaginary too

@Rocky Let's cry together, Ross.

i wish my girlfriend could cry with me...

@Rocky :'(

@705580 (Ross): @705474 (Amiwriter): (crying)

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(amiwriter): lolno

The night world operates in vegas. Thats why it must stay there

Speaking of Vegas, there are a bunch of hispanic murderers going around killing people. It's scary. D:

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i moved and i didnt become a void. :(

Wish when I saw this it said +1111 no one vote!

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