I hate posts that begin with "admit it," it just feels like they're pouncing on me with accusations, amirite?

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Admit it, we all hate those.

...I just couldn't resist.

Haha yeah!
Like "I was gunna admit it anyway..."

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@Haha yeah! Like "I was gunna admit it anyway..."

exactly, clearly by agreeing with you, i'm admitting, don't pressure me.

tortias avatar tortia Yeah You Are +2Reply

shouldve started with admit it :P

Deathbubbles avatar Deathbubble Yeah You Are +2Reply

And if I click No Way, it would mean I'm not admitting it, which ruins the amirite a little.

Archenytes avatar Archenyte Yeah You Are +1Reply

I disagree.
I feel like it's merely the person telling people who have something to admit, to admit it.

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