According to some projections, by the year 2050 white will be the minority. that's kind of amusing, amirite?

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Not if the Duggers can help it.

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Well, I think that we've forgotten that the Jonas Brothers have been to the year 3000, and that everything looked the same as it does now.

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sweet, will we get affirmative action right away, or will we have to serve a stint in slavery first?

This projection is for the United States, not the world. Earth's population is already dominated by Asians. Caucasians will not become a "minority" in 2050; all of the other races COMBINED will outweigh the number of Caucasians in America.

Well, other than America, Canada, the UK, Australia, and some European countries, most people aren't white anyways. I think that this prediction makes total sense.

Don't call them white, they are European American.

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They say that in 2050, the population will hit 10billion, which is the estimated maximum capacity of the earth

strange. but amusing

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this is exactly why we need better game.

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thats because gooks breed like rabbits

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Actually the test showed that whites will be smaller than ALL minorities put together not smaller than a particular one.

thats because the hispanics all have unprotected sex with each other. I bet the marriage rate by then will be close to 0%

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