boyfriends are like chocolate. They can be sweet at times, and bitter other times but either way you will keep craving more. you love it while it lasts, but when your done, your sad and fat. amirite?

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MY done? MY sad and fat? I don't get it.

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White at times...brown at times... but the white really sucks, so I always go with brown.

Girls are like chocolates - Sometimes they look sweet, but it turns out they're actually really bitter; Some guys will just consume and discard as many as they can get, no matter how bitter or sweet, they just want chocolate, and some guys will just look for a while, at all the different kinds, and then choose one that they really like, and plan to hold on to and enjoy. And when you get one you like that's good, it's REALLY good ;D

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boyfriends are like chocolates. they come in boxes, some are filled with deliciousness, and some are filled with a nasty excuse for orange creme. and some the Swiss man makes just so he can do an evil Swiss laugh because they taste like soap.

It would suck to be a diabetic.

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what part ?


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Go back to facebook.

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@Go back to facebook.

thanks for the suggestion I'd rather not though

I can't believe I made that mistake oops!

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