Dear 11 year old girl, I'm not sure if it is such a good idea to tell the whole world through your facebook status that you are "home alone. parents won't be back 4 a while. stop by cuz I'm bored" You may get some unwanted visitors... amirite?

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Pedo_Bear is noticeably absent... I'm worried. He doesn't happen to be Facebook friends with your mom's boss' daughter, do you?

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It might end up like the movie Home Alone. Except the boy didn't go around telling everybody on Facebook that he was home alone.

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My friend just got her account deleted because of stupid shit like that. She's 14 and said stuff like "I'm interested in MEN- not boys ;)))" and "Going tanning at the pool, and I could really use somebody to talk to (:". Some people need to realize that going into high school being known as "the village bicycle" (even if you really haven't gone that far) isn't cool!

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I'm not, but my mom just told me that the daughter of her boss did this

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stupid kids

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And by unwanted visitors you mean, a giant bear kicking your door down and giving the girl a huge assrape? Also he will bring sour patch kids?

Pedo is on a mission.

Why are you friends with 11 year old girls on facebook?

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@Previously_Sane Why are you friends with 11 year old girls on facebook?

Because who doesn't think an 11 year old girl can look hot?

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@Previously_Sane Why are you friends with 11 year old girls on facebook?

For real. do you just go around adding anybody on your Facebook to make it LOOK like you have friends? Or is this little girl somehow related to you?

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oh man, pedo_bear is gonna jizz in his pants when he hears about this...

I bet half the people who have favourited this are just waiting for Pedobear to comment

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I'm waiting for Pedo_Bear to comment on this post.

@Pedo_Bear You called?

Come on! We need one of your incredibly innapropriate comments now

@solong so am I

@436328 (bribri1324): I left a message on his wall with a link to this post. He should comment any time now fingers crossed

He hasn't commented because he's BUSY. ;)

SURPRISE! Now get in the fucking bag...

Dear 11 year old girl, I think its a good idea. I wanna know when you're home alone(: haha

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I know I am!

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