Disposable plastic water bottles are terrible for the environment. Even if they get recycled, the amount of energy required to ship and recycle the massive amounts used each year is such a waste. People would save money, oil (which makes plastic for those unaware), and energy if they just bought a refillable water bottle and used that instead, amirite?

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And remember folks, you probably shouldn't use just any old water bottle; I heard that they are unhealthy to use more than once because of some chemical that erodes off of the plastic from repeated usage. Buy a durable one that was meant to be reused. :)

What if I reuse the plastic water bottles?

@coolestguyever What if I reuse the plastic water bottles?

Ha, I was in the middle of typing my comment below when yours popped in. :P

With all the chemicals I already consume, a lil more from reusing a platic bottle probably won't hurt me. Might give me an extra arm though, which would be handy. haha.

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I'm really happy this got featured on the homepage =) Usually the ones of mine are just the really dumb ones...lol finally one that might actually make a difference...

Internet High 5 to the person who made this post :]

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FYI, plastic is made from petrolium which is the leftovers from oil being turned into gas for cars, so it really isn't saving the oil..

That's true too I guess...

DRINK BEER!!!!!!!!

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No matter what anyone tells me, I'm still going to drink from plastic bottles.

fucking hippie

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@fucking hippie

You call me a hippie like it's a bad thing? =)

hippie is a bad thing. it is the lowest insult a person can be called

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But I love the taste of purified water. And I cannot stand the smell of reusable water bottles. They smell like death no matter how often you wash them. Did you know that all of the US's landfills can be consolidated into an area less than the size of Jacksonville? It's not like it's a HUGE OMG problem.

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