What the fuck are we gonna do when there is no more water left!? amirite?

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There's a good chance of death, but who knows.

Do I need to explain this to you?... Water can't run out.. It goes in a constant cycle

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I'm pretty sure we'd just drink lemonade. Uhh, duh.

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I live on a lake so.......


If this guy is in 6th grade or above, the world is doomed

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Move to Mars. You can always enroll in Pigfarts.

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Please be kidding.

Pin our noses :P

"Oh fuck, there aren't any clouds in the sky anywhere in the world!"- That's when we start worrying.

What concerns me isn't only the OP's post, but the 200+ people that agreed.

Our bellybuttons will wake up and start talking to us.

settle down kids it wasnt a serious post

i meant drinking water and everybody calm down it wasn't serious

Are you that stupid?

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Water is h2o... As in hydrogen and oxygen... I doubt we will run out of either. Besides as posted above, it's A cycle

Water will evaporate before the earth is consumed when the sun goes supernova in some 4 billion years, it doesn't matter because we would be dead.


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All hell would break loose!!!!!!


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Water = a renewable resource


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Water is a renewable recourse, dumbass.

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Since it's a cycle it will never really run out, or at least not for a while, but there is some concern that there won't be enough water for everyone when the population increases. Kinda like if you have a gallon of water, and you share it with your family, but then you have to share it with your neighbor hood, and so on until there is barley any water left on the planet for everyone to be satisfied.

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What does ono smilie mean?

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@What does mean?

Facepalm. Google it.

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As the op has stated like a billion times THEY WERE JUST KIDDING

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@As the op has stated like a billion times THEY WERE JUST KIDDING

No, they really weren't, they're just saying that now after reading the comments

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