if you sqaure a line it would make a square and if you squared a square you would get a cube so a cube square is too complex to draw so it could be time? (a wrinkle in time) amirite?

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Only when you draw it in a time macne.

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What he means is this.
The 2D version of a line is a square.
The 3D version of a square is a cube.
So what's the 4D version of a cube?

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@Whacka What he means is this. The 2D version of a line is a square. The 3D version of a square is a cube. So what's the 4D...

Before we know that though, we have to know (and thus have scientists agree on) what the 4th degree is considered to be to all scientists.

Let's rephrase this mathematically.
A line of value x is squared, result being x2. The geometric shape representing this is your common square, because the area of the square just happens to be x2. Now take the value of x2 and square it again to get a cube. In a situation like this, you multiply the powers(here, x22, or better put (x2)2). The result is x4. However, the volume of a cube is only three dimensional and is represented by x3. You've already messed up your logic, but if it weren't bad enough, you suggest squaring it again- ((x2)2)2- for the fourth dimension. The trend appears to be that the first dimension is a power of one, the second of two, the third of three, etcetera. Therefore, the fourth dimension (you call it time, but some dispute that time is a full dimension) is x4. However, as you can see, we are up to x8, which while possibly a dimsension is not technically anything we could recognize.

Basically, your math is wrong and the fourth dimension is already called time (but some say this is wrong.)

Have a nice day!

... wait what?

The square of a square is not a cube.
You technically can't draw a cube.
The fact that you can't draw it has nothing to do with complexity.
), amirite?
*so could it be time?

"Square" doesn't look like a word anymore.

Yeah I dont know why this is on the homepage.

OP is from the futer.

Eh...the fourth dimension technically is time, if that's what te point of your question was. It's not a line4 though.

I don't even remember making this post...

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