What do you get a Hitler Youth boy for Christmas? An easy bake oven and a G.I Jew, amirite?

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Maybe if people would stop freaking the fuck out over a harmless joke then racism and prejudice wouldn't be a problem.

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if this joke was about the guys from 9/11 getting fake airplanes and legobuildings to crash into, all hell would break loose

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Oh god, everyone should just calm the fuck down.
It's a joke. Yeah, maybe It's disrespectful, but it's a joke. It's not like he's fucking Hitler himself.

LMFAO. that's actually really funny y smilie

@ShaunaLinnea LMFAO. that's actually really funny

No, maybe you just have a fucking sick sense of humor

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Okay i know that was a joke and all and you didn't mean to but that was really mean and ignorant, that was fucking mean

Call me ignorant, but what's a Hitler Youth?

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@Call me ignorant, but what's a Hitler Youth?

It was like a boys scouts group that the Nazis created duing their reign. It was compulsory as soon as you turned 14 (I think). They readied them for war and tried brainwashing them through songs and stuff...

Heard it before. My favorite jew joke.

So I guess torture and murder in mass numbers is funny now. Fantastic.

Not funny

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This is hilarious by the way :)

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That is kinda sick man

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Oh my god. Thats terrible.

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