The scariest part of the show “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” is that there are enough of these women to sustain an entire series. amirite?

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What's weird is, the baby is usually perfectly healthy. "Oh, this is my son. I didn't know I was pregnant with him, so I was exercising heavily, drinking, and doing drugs. He's such a happy little boy! I decided to love, and take care of him the day I found out about him, when he dropped out of me into the toilet!"

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Surely none of the episodes can be that different from one another...
"This is my child, we didn't know it was there, it sure was a shock."

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Ikr? WTF? How do you not know you're pregnant? Morning sickness, Abnormally huge stomach [even if you are fat], even the possibility of the baby kicking.

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@ABitDisconsolate That too!

Well, most of the women on the show don't have morning sickness or gain much wait, and most of them have a medical condition that already gave them irregular or abnormally light periods. Some pregnant women bleed a little anyway, when there are complications, and mistake is as their period.

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@fangirl12 Well, most of the women on the show don't have morning sickness or gain much wait, and most of them have a medical...

I've seen this convo before on Amirite. People are too stupid to look something up before bashing it

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@What are the chances that they have all of these? There should be SOME way to tell.

They don't exactly have ALL, of these problems, but even one or two of these problems could cause it to go unnoticed. Also, many of the women on the show had already had children before their unknown pregnancy, an it's so different from their first pregnancy, they don't think to associate what's wrong with a baby, because it's nothing like the first one.

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I saw one episode where she still did hardcore excercise and sit ups! I thought her baby was going to get crushed!


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My friend's mom had a pregnancy like that, where the baby came out in the toilet.
Can you imagine going to take a crap and getting a BABY out of it?!

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You seem to be really good at stealing other people's stuff and calling it your own.

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the older women could think it was menopause

I think that show is way overexaggerated.

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There's actually multiple seasons.

One time the baby actually landed in the toilet...

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I hate that show! I mean come onnnn! Every girl I know that has had a baby said they knew they were pregnant. I mean, you might not know at first, but after you miss your period, have morning sickness, gain a ton of weight, and start to feel a baby kick you...you're gonna know. And the stories are all the same and don't even make sense. Ugh, can't they come up with something better?!

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@I hate that show! I mean come onnnn! Every girl I know that has had a baby said they knew they were pregnant. I...

The point of the show is that they don't get ANY of the symptoms. Most of them don't gain wieght, mistake blood from the pregnacy as their period, don't get morning sickness, and don't feel the baby. In most cases some are on a pill where they miss their peroid anyways, so they really wouldn't know.

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sometimes the placenta is in the way so they wouldn't be able to feel baby kick.

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yeah and baby could be growing in your back (obviously still in your uterus) but far enough back to not show so much or you have a long torso and baby is stretched out. When I was pregnant my daughter was stretched out in my torso so I didn't pop out so much at first (thats what the dr told me). My torso isn't super long but its long enough for her to have stretched out a bit.

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wow! i didn't think a boy would watch this show or even tlc for that matter! haha my brother thinks i'm a weirdo for watching tlc

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Consider a series is around 15 or 20 episodes or something that isn't much at all consider the america's population of 300+ million

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