I'm not afraid! Your name is Stan, so walk 8 Miles away from here and Lose Yourself! It's just The Way I Am! Guess Who's Back? The Real Slim Shady! I've just got a Guilty Conscience, so you're about to be Space Bound. You'd better Stay Wide Awake, or I'll Crack a Bottle on your head. Your not listening? Well then I guess I'm just Talkin' 2 Myself. I wanna Kill You So Bad and set you On Fire,... amirite?

21%Yeah You Are79%No Way
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No. Please, just... no.

5 points for effort. -10 points for final result.

I love how the comments on this got more YYA's than the actual post

go poop

this was a good idea. just didn't pan out well...

How unoriginal.

Anonymous +1Reply

Don't even bother trying. Please.

Read this while listening to an Eminem playlist.

Not that there's any way this could have turned out less retarded, but why didn't you say "My Name Is Stan" to throw in another title to that clusterfuck?

I hate Eminem.

Roys avatar Roy No Way -6Reply
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