No matter how many times I watch Titanic I'm 100% sure that if they had tried harder, Jack would've fit perfectly fine on that floating headboard, amirite?

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dude, you should seriously try and make up your own posts..

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I thought it was a door......

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Everytime I watch it, I still get really scared when Rose falls and is barely hanging off the railing! I still have that feeling that she wont make it.

If Rose had stayed on the boat, then Jack could have floated on the door, and they both would have lived. It pisses me off that everytime i watch it, he dies :(

^ That's a good point.

Also, if they had both gone on the floating door, headboard, whatever, it would have probably sank and they both would have died.

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Yea, but then the movie might not have been as shocking and tragic as it is. (Still though, it would have been nice if Jack lived.)

the start of inception was the ending of titanic, right? haha

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