So based on the song California Girls, California girls party 24/7, don't work, are all tan, have sex on beach and get drunk all the time. And apparently a lot of guys watch the video to wank. amirite?

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Speaking as a TRUE California native, it's obvious your not from California.

Well they do it more than anyone else, that's for sure.

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Lmfao this whole time I thought it was literally having sex on the beach

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Oh, how I love being Californian

Where does it say they have sex on the beach, party, and get drunk all the time? Yes it says they have daisy dukes, but it also states they "have bikinis on top"

@Sex on the beach is also a drink.

That too, I forget. But it could be applied to that too.

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@Tater "sex on the beach, laying underneath the palm trees" I think.

@859908 (Tater):
Warm, wet and wild
There must be something in the water
Sippin' gin and juice
Laying underneath the palm trees

Sex on a beach
We don't mind sand in out stilettos
We freak, in my jeep
Snoop Doggy Dogg is on the stereo

Oh, the misconceptions. I can't even remember the last time I went to the beach!

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not northern california girls

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Hahaha not norcal

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