Emotions control our actions 99% of the time. amirite?

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Personally, I try to base all my actions around LOGIC. Emotions just make things complicated.

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For me, it's more like 50/50. For example, on a roller coaster,the emotional side of my brain is like " OMFG, IM GONNA DIE, IM GONNA DIE, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" while the logical side is all "Dude, it alll cool. We got us some shoulder straps and it's all locked tight." So, I disagree, it is not 99%. Not even close.

1. You probably made that statistic up
2. More shown in teenagers

@80% of all statistic are made up

62% of your comments are unoriginal

And i thought humans would have learned from the enlightenment. Romanticism >_>

Erections*** well for guys it is.

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