Nintendo needs to stop updating the DS'. Two years ago = DSi. 5 months ago = XL DS. 1 month ago(in Japan) = DS 3D. Seriously? I don't want to have to keep updating my system every 3 months. amirite?

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It's very annoying when game systems do that. I bet in a month or two we will start seeing commercials for the new XXL DSi Ipod in 3-D.

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I'm hoping 3DS will be the last. I mean, it's 3D. How are they gonna top that?

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@Kukuxumushu I'm hoping 3DS will be the last. I mean, it's 3D. How are they gonna top that?

How about a handheld that isn't actually handheld, it's projected onto your hand?

I dunno, next thing you know you'll be able to call people or something if anything. I hope it's the last too.

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The 3DS is a new system, not an upgrade....

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It's like Guitar Hero in 07-08

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I don't see what's wrong about playing video games once in a while

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oh look a troll

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i believe it's called the 3-DS.
most of these updates are unnecessary, i agree, but the 3-D thing will be cool.

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Only a retard would update to the DSi XL, it's a bigger DSi, sure if you don't have a DSi already get it, but don't complain about it.

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Ya the 3DS is a working title, hopefully they'll change the name so ppl don't keep thinking it's just an upgraded ds

And what do you mean by a month ago in japan, it was practically just announced at E3

Just like the iPods.

I just decided to stick with the 120 GB classic, but I've had over three different iPods. D;

next year = 3DSi HD

It sounds cool, I'll probably get one.

It's not the 3D DS. Its the 3DS.

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Who seriously updated their DS every time past the DS lite? I still have my 3rd DS lite (the hinge kept breaking) from the second year the DS lite was released. Only retards updated their DS to the DSi XL. Not to mention they waited at least a year for each new system to come out.

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