Ever seen someone's music collection that was so badly labeled that you instantly knew it was pirated? It's like, how can they even stand having such a sloppy library, amirite?

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I don't understand why they can't change the names and get the album artwork so their library looks normal.

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@ali_d I don't understand why they can't change the names and get the album artwork so their library looks normal.

my library is like that and i don't like it, but if i tried organizing it it would take me weeks because i have over 2000 songs :/

iPods just aren't the same without album artwork.

My music is pirated but I clean it up, add the album artwork, rename it etc. so it looks legit

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i label everything with anal accuracy

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@Joe_Larson i label everything with anal accuracy

Same here. I give every single song a proper title, capitalization, artist, album, cover, lyrics, and even sometimes shorten up the song if it's too long or takes too long to start :D

That's my library . . . it does annoy me a bit but I'm too lazy to do anything.

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Give me time, I'm working on it!

I'll do it laterrrrrrrr...GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. T3T

It sucks when you actually can't change it. :/

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Well, on my first iPod I changed everything, I looked up the name of the albums, googled the cover art, and even put in all the lyrics.

HOWEVER. I have like 800 songs on my new iPod, and while I have cleaned up the name of the song and artists, I have yet to get around to the other part, 'cause it's going take forever, and I've been busy. ):

I have just under 10,000 songs and I keep them ridiculously organised. I just finished dating and chronologically ordering all the songs from my favourite artist. All 881 of them. That's not OCD is it?

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TuneUp ftw

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I clean mine up too, but then my computer died... and now since I had to get the songs back onto my new computer most of them are all fucked up again! Even the ones that I bought off iTunes! They'll all be back to normal in due time though, since I really can't stand that. I also like having the lyrics, it just makes everything feel complete.

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