The title "Fairly Odd Parents" is brilliant because it's describing Timmy's parents who are "fairly odd", AND it sounds similar to "Fairy God Parents" (Cosmo and Wanda). amirite?

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figure that out all on your own?

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well at least he got a grasp of the obvious

I think that's the point....

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Because people voted up and voted to homepage it.... duh...
or a mod stepped in.

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hon, that's kinda the whole point.

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Cosmo and Wanda are fairly odd too... well, Cosmo is.

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And you think people didn't realize that years ago?

someone give this kid a prize, we've got a real genius on our hands.

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And you think people didn't realize that years ago?

Haha, and "Spongebob Squarepants" must be titled that way not only because his name is Spongebob Squarepants, but because he is a sponge and wears square pants! The guys who named that is a genius!

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U sir, are a genius

well at least you figured it out. took a while but you figured it out.

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