It's absurdly rude when fire hydrants refuse to answer your questions, amirite?

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But always allow them to take their time.

SEXY_BEASTs avatar SEXY_BEAST Yeah You Are +4Reply
@SEXY_BEAST But always allow them to take their time.

I KNOW RIGHT. I'm glad SOMEONE understands me.

@748143 (Riceftw): But... I just did! D: Oh no!!

Patricks avatar Patrick Yeah You Are +1Reply

Are you Squidward? That's okay, take your time.

Joesephs avatar Joeseph Yeah You Are +4Reply

Silly Patrick, you don't use words like "absurdly"...

riceftws avatar riceftw Yeah You Are +2Reply

Don't make me destroy you

yeah.. just let them take their time.

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